Hi there, I am Janna “Kit” Light and I’m the survivor of a house fire on the night of November 7th 2020 in south-central Wisconsin. I’m an introverted homebody who likes to spend more hours in the day playing video games than sleeping — or so I thought. With the loss of my home and most of my possessions, I’ve decided to shake things up and travel the country in a self-constructed camper van with my two dogs Remus and Weasley. We will be traveling to landmarks around the United States, visiting old friends and making new ones, hiking forest and mountain trails, running on beaches, and overall letting our hair (and tails) fly free. This blog is a chronicle of our adventure. Say ‘hi’ in the comments of the most recent post or your favorite photo on Instagram; we love to see new faces and share our story. 


The Fire

Part 01 – Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Part 02 – This is fine.

Part 03 – I’m going on an adventure!

Part 04 – It’s getting hot in here.