Almost a very big mistake (part 1)

“Dang it, I forgot to call Bridgette!” “…Who?” I asked, taking my eyes off the road for a second to glance at my mom in the passenger seat.  “The woman at the dealership. She told me to let them know when we’re on our way.” My eyes were back to flipping from the windshield to […]? →Read more

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

Maybe I’ll travel.  Really, it’s the best time to do it with no rent payment racking up without me occupying the space. Over my many years of online gaming and meeting dog trainers through internet communities, I had made an abundance of friends across the country. Not to mention friends that I had grown up […]? →Read more

04 – It’s getting hot in here.

It was hard to identify what I was feeling as I unlocked the door to my apartment for the first time in almost a month. The smell of burnt wood and other materials filled my nose as I pulled the door open and stepped inside. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell — in fact, it was pretty […]? →Read more

03 – I’m going on an adventure!

The next few weeks were full of annoyed delivery men riling up the house full of dogs. They dumped box after box of supplies ordered from Amazon on Lindsay’s front porch. (Did you know they make electric box cutters? Surprisingly fun little tool Lindsay let me borrow: Cardboard filled the blue recycling bin and […]? →Read more

02 – This is fine.

I don’t remember the drive to Lindsay’s house or how I had gotten onto the leather couch, huddled under a fluffy blanket, watching The Nightmare Before Christmas as thoughts of uncertainty floated in and out of my consciousness. “What’s this? What’s this? What’s this?” Jack Skellington sang as he danced around a Christmas wonderland, but […]? →Read more

01 – Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

It’ll never happen to me.    A pretty common thought when hearing about life-altering tragedies. Everyone experiences injuries or death to some degree, but not everyone has their house burn down. …Yet fire is something we’re prepared for from the time we are children. Stop drop and roll, stay close to the floor, test doors/doorknobs […]? →Read more